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Nominated for a 2022 UK Enterprise Award in  Creative Writing by SME News (winners announced August 2022)

New 5 star review for 'For the Sake of a Child'

5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting

Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2022

Verified Purchase

Fantastic book. Great characterization . A genuine story that pulls on your heart strings. I love a book that grabs on your emotions and doesn't let go. Awesome work. I will read more by this author.

New 5 star review for 'His Ladyship' 6/2/22

On Goodreads

This book tackles the difficult topic of a person whose soul is trapped in the body of the wrong gender. There is a lot of controversy about which internal conflicts are gender related and which are sexuality related and I don't feel qualified to comment on them as my upbringing was so conservative and rigid I only know a little about these topics. I can, however, comment on how this author's characterization of Norman Wilkes, a man of 57 who has always identified as female, made me feel.

I felt terrible for Norman. He was born at a time when everything was black and white when it came to gender and his parents and siblings were conservative. There was no-one for him to talk to about his inner turmoil and confusion and so he withdrew from society, spending his life locked up his room.

Norman lives on unemployment from the government and only tries to get a job once. Because of his outwardly masculine appearance, he is sent to try out a job in a warehouse for which he is entirely unsuited. It ends in humiliation and catastrophe for Norman and is incredibly sad.

At the age of 57, when his mother is 93, Norman realises that time is running out for him and he needs to do something immediately if he wants to salvage what's left of his life. He decides to out himself as a transgender man.

His mother and siblings reaction to his news is heartbreaking as they are initially unable to be kind or find any pleasant or supportive way of interacting with their brother. They actually are obstructive and make his life harder. Norman is determined though and goes ahead with his plans anyway which showed real strength of spirit and also desperation.

Norman is certainly not depicted as being a perfect person. In fact, he is selfish and self centred. His demanding behaviour towards his elderly mother is disgusting, but, as you progress with this novel and learn more about Norman, you start feeling more sorry for him than annoyed or judgmental. You discover the narrow-mindedness of his family and understand why he feels so trapped and unloved. No-one has ever tried to discover why Norman behaves the way he does, even his mother, despite her defense of his perceived "lazy" behaviour.

The changes to Norman's personality and behaviour become more notable as the story unravels and you get a good insight into how much happier and kinder Norman could have been if there had been a little more understanding of his difficulties earlier in his life. It is impossible not to cheer Normal on as he starts down his new lifepath.

This book has a positive ending and is well researched and interesting. - Robbie  Cheadle

New Short Story Published

'A Long Sleep', a Paranormal short story, has been published.  You can find it here :- 

Connie Parrish has lovingly cared for her disabled son Kieran for 23 years. Kieran remains in a vegetative state, unable to communicate with his mother or his estranged father. When by chance Connie meets spiritualist healer Mike Duvale, Mike is convinced that he could help Kieran. However, Connie doubts that spiritual healing could work after Kieran had already failed to respond to years of conventional medical treatments. As far as she is concerned, miracles simply do not happen.

New 5 star review for 'Scam!'

5 stars on Goodreads by Jan Sikes 19/2/22

This is a short read, but a powerful one. When you are dreaming of a better life, it's easy to get caught up in "get-rich" scams. That is the situation for Lauren and Ben. Newly married and forced to live with Ben's parents, Lauren is desperate for a way to buy a house. They need privacy and a chance to begin their lives away from the harsh scrutiny of Muriel, Ben's mother. And Lauren doesn't have the patience to wait years while they add to their savings. So, when she stumbles across an enticing investment opportunity, she withdraws their savings without telling Ben. She wants to surprise him. He'll be so proud of her when the puts the money they need to purchase a home in his hands. It's advertised as a no-fail, quick profit investment. The author did such a great job of exposing how easy it is to get sucked into situations such as the one Lauren falls for. When she loses everything, it's impossible to foresee how her marriage can survive. But when it turns deadly, all hope for a happy future is crushed.

While the story comes to a satisfactory conclusion, with hope for this couple, it's not a feel-good happily ever after. It's realistic and chilling.

Number 37 on Read Freely's list of The 50 Best Indie Books of 2021!


My new LGBT novel 'His Ladyship' has won another accolade today - it is number 37 on Read Freely's 'The 50 Best Indie Books of 2021' ('Other' category). 

Another 5 star review for 'His Ladyship'

5.0 out of 5 stars A Heartbreaking Struggle to Find Oneself!

Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2022 by Janice Spina

Verified Purchase

His Ladyship is a story of a sad, lost and confused soul who is trapped inside a man’s body but has all the emotions of a woman. But what can he do? He can’t get a job because he is not interested in doing what men do. When he tried he was tormented for being different and not manly enough. He longs to take a job in an office with women which is what he truly thinks he is.

Norman Wicks struggled from childhood with mixed feelings. On the outside he was a male but on the inside he was a female. As a child he only wanted to play with his sisters’ dolls and push around their pram. No one can understand that he doesn’t want trucks, cars and toy soldiers to play with. He wants a doll to dress and change.

He wasted most of his life before he made a life-changing decision to become a woman. This story is a heartbreaking tale of how some poor souls in life have had to struggle to find themselves and be who they longed to be. It took great courage and stamina for Norman to finally have a life and find love and acceptance from his family.

The author has done a commendable joy getting inside the mindset of this tortured soul. Anyone who has struggled as Norman has will gain confidence from reading this story.

New 5 star review for 'His Ladyship'

2nd January 2022 by Darlene Foster

This well-told story proves it is never too late for happiness. For as long as he could remember, Norman was never happy as a male, but his family didn't understand that. He wasted almost 60 years doing nothing and being unhappy. At the beginning of the book, Norman seems like a total loser. Although his mother dotes on him, the rest of the family are mean to him. 

The story takes us through Norman/Norma's transformation and his family's reactions. A true-to-life story, with very real characters. The book would help people who are confused about their gender and help their families and friends to understand. But it is a book for everyone, as it is ultimately a book full of hope and love.

Another 5 star review for 'Scam!'

5 stars by Emma Hardy on Goodreads:

December 5th 2021

This is such an addictive read and I could not put it down.  I expected this to be a predictable read with some dodgy dealings, but wow does this spiral and take a dark and surprising turn.  A real page turner due to its intensity and a gripping read.  Compelling, fascinating and one to add to the TBR immediately.

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