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Love is a cup of tea on a sleepless night,

Two warm arms to hold me tight.

It's someone to take a screaming toddler away,

Not for ever, just for one day.

Love will give me his last ever pound,

Creep out early to work and not make a sound.

Love will clean up the sick and clear out the drains,

Climb up to mend the roof after thunderous rains.

Love will sit in a chair by my hospital bed,

All night he'll stay there to make sure I'm not dead!

Love will toil and slave to put food on the table,

And work like a Trojan for as long as he's able.

Love plays with his grandkids and hugs his old mum,

Then rides off on a Harley with his eldest son.

Love lifts amps and guitars late at night with strong hands,

To help out the youngest who plays in a band.

He'll drive the tour bus in any direction,

And parks the huge thing with absolute perfection.

He rocks and he rolls late into the night,

And tells the band they're 'Outta sight'!

When trouble looms and my face remains dour,

His love does not falter, even for one hour.

Love sets out to rid us of that terrible foe,

To bring back my smile and make the dark clouds go.

I found a key to his heart which is now unlocked,

But oh how he wishes he could turn back the clock!

Love forgives and forgets, looks forward and moves on,

No use thinking back to where everything went wrong.

We've stayed together through thick and through thin,

There's no other husband I'd want but him.

So Sam, for the next time you're feeling all sad and so blue,

Remember, you're my only Valentine. This poem's for you.